Year 9 Industrial Revolution

Year 9 Industrial Revolution

Capital and Labour (Punch Archive) retrieved from 3/5/12

This subject guide is still under construction and so far has taken 8 hours to resource (and I have been having layout issues!). The Industrial Revolution is a HUGE topic that I remember being very boring when I was at school!  Isn’t it wonderful the internet came along to liven things up.

Australian Curriculum

The Industrial Revolution (1750 – 1914)

  • The technological innovations that led to the Industrial Revolution, and other conditions that influenced the industrialisation of Britain (the agricultural revolution, access to raw materials, wealthy middle class, cheap labour, transport system, and expanding empire) and of Australia (ACDSEH017)
  • The population movements and changing settlement patterns during this period (ACDSEH080)
  • The experiences of men, women and children during the Industrial Revolution, and their changing way of life (ACDSEH081)
  • The short and long-term impacts of the Industrial Revolution, including global changes in landscapes, transport and communication (ACDSEH082)

A suggestion of how to approach this topic can be found at

General Information

The first place many kids will go is Wikipedia. It is quite text dense but could be useful for the section on technological developments.    A better alternative is the often forgotten school or local library databases (encyclopaedias).

Industrial Revolution. (2012). In Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from

I can’t provide links to such sites as they are “by subscription” but here are some hints

Search for ”Industrial Revolution”

Search  for “Industrial Revolution”.  Also search “British Industrial Revolution”. You could also mix other search terms with “industrial revolution” (industrial revolution and inventions).


Whole topic

This is an excellent interactive resource that provides extensive, approachable information and interesting and fun activities. The aim is to encourage students to look critically at documentary evidence of the past through looking at a section (gallery) which focuses upon an area of public life during the Victorian period. In each of these galleries, students are required to investigate an aspect of Victorian life by considering a key question.  Whilst all the galleries are interesting the most pertinent would be An Industrial Nation?  How safe was it to work in Victorian Britain? Each gallery is made up an introduction, a timeline, a series of sources, each with tasks, further background information and  aeries of activities, which require students to make use of the knowledge and understanding that they have acquired (INCLUDING GAMES!)

Origins and Technological Innovations

A film is always useful

Turning Points in History – Industrial Revolution uploaded to Youtube AllHistories on Oct 2, 2009

  • Great Inventors of the Industrial Revolution –  TeachersFirst offers this classroom-ready unit on Inventors of the Industrial Revolution, in a format well-suited for projector, IWB, or individual student use. These interactive lessons will help students grasp the background and impact of the inventors of the Industrial Revolution. The activities include a timeline and some basic facts so students build a context of historical events and every day life in the time period.
  • Don’t forget your local technology museum!

Sydney’s Powerhouse museum has resources such as this

Britain’s Culture 24 a portal for British museums. Type in Industrial Revolution

Population Change


Way of life (experiences of men, women, children)

Child Labour in Britain

Child Labour Activity

Children in Victorian Britain – Whilst targeted at primary students this is a visually appealing and useful resource

The Sadler Committee Report on Textile Factories

Modern History Sourcebook: Harriet Robinson: Lowell Mill Girls, In her autobiography, Harriet Hanson Robinson, explains some of the family dynamics involved, and lets us see the women as active participants in their own lives – for instance in their strike of 1836. (describes US Mill Life)

How about some Horrible Histories! Check out their Youtube Channel, watch on BBC or ABC3 in Australia or paytv. Look out for the following

  • Work terrrible work (song)
  • Georgian Wife Swap (about enclosures act and poverty)
  • Victorian Childhood
  • New Victorian maid (shouty man)




Other Resources/Ideas

Another way into a topic (particularly modern day )is through tag galaxy –it a way students can get a visual impression of a topic.  Check out this one using Industrial revolution and England as tags.

Workbook sample chapter

Differentiation theory and the Industrial Revolution

Carol Ann Tomlinson is known for her books on differentiation.  She provides an example of differentiating the Industrial Revolution in this book –

I Pad App

Oliver Twist

Dickens novel or film versions would be a way into the Industrial Revolution – look for resources such as this  –



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