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Blogs, Youtube and Copyright

I was reading an article this morning about a guy in England who is being pursued by US authorities because his site linked to content that was still within copyright.  Read the article in any of the fairfax papers/online ” The unlikely poster boy for a culture war….” and one response to it It … Continue reading

Joking June – NIPS XI

NIPS XI  Ruth Starke  This book was first published in 2001 and is written for an Australian audience who know their cricket heroes.  However, it would still have an appeal across various audiences although it would be better for Year 6 or Year 7 students as the main character LAN is in Year 6.  The … Continue reading

New guide – Otzi

I have put up a new page. It is for Year 7 and is one of my favourite topics – Otzi the Iceman. Find it in the subject/research guides section    

Reading: The Core Skill:Every Child, Every Day

I came across this article recently in ASCD’s educational leadership reading Educational Leadership:Reading: The Core Skill:Every Child, Every Day. It argues that every child, every day should experience the following 1. Every child reads something he or she chooses. 2. Every child reads accurately. 3. Every child reads something he or she understands. 4. Every child … Continue reading

Joking June – UFO

UFO – Unavoidable family outing  Dave Hackett    UFO is a tale of mishap as a family of 5 set out in their old Morris from Sydney headed for Cape York. Trying to do the trip in two weeks (spoiler alert), they only make it to outback Queensland and manage to lose luggage, wallets and … Continue reading

Joking June – Keepinitreal

Don Henderson keepinitreal Stevie Goodes, the teen narrator of the story “about how I stopped being an egg headed idiot” is the local “refundables” (recycling) collector.  Excessively shy and somewhat forgotten by society (he was left in a dumpster as a baby), Stevie lives with Uncle Boff and Auntie Peg in Victory Gardens, an (Australian) … Continue reading

Joking June – One Seriously Messed Up Week

Tom Clempson  One Seriously Messed-Up Week:  In the Otherwise Mundane and Uneventful Life of Jack Samsonite My first attempt to go beyond  the established “humour” authors almost stopped in the first chapter.  However, one I got over the “nob” shock factor, the story of sixteen year old Sam showed potential. I laughed at different episodes … Continue reading

Joking June (humour)

I know humour is a personal thing in that what I find amusing someone else might think is lame. Similarly, adults writing for young adults may struggle to hit their target, to be sufficiently “cool” in their mockery.  Authors who target a younger age group (children of a primary/lower secondary age) seem to have more … Continue reading


I am doing some work on cybersafety and came across this excellent film that I would love to use in a pastoral care session with Year 8-10. Find resources etc at    

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