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New guides for Australian Curriculum History

Over the past month or so I have spent many hours sourcing appropriate material for pages (guides) on Australian Curriculum History topics. Have a look at the following Year 4 – Explorers Year 8 – Shogunate Japan Year 9 – Industrial Revolution Would love some feedback on the usefulness of these guides!

Magic May- Ondine,The Summer of Shambles

Ebony McKenna  Ondine – The Summer of Shambles This was a lovely way to finish Magic May and get me in the mindset for Joking June. Fairy tale like Ondine is a quirky, magical, humorous romance about a 15 year old girl who is befriended by a ferret (Shambles). The ferret turns out to be … Continue reading

Magic May – The Spell Book of Listen Taylor

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor –  Jaclyn Moriarty With a title like this and a place in the young adult section of my local library, this book should surely fit Magic May.  Unfortunately NOT!  Why?  Because I didn’t finish it (I made it to page 173).  Why else?  Because it seems to be more … Continue reading

Magic May – The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

Michael Scott – The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series It is Magic May and the publishers are about to release (22nd May?) Irish author Michael Scott’s 6th book (The Enchantress) in this series, so it is an appropriate time to talk about this fantasy/magic series.  I started this series a few years ago … Continue reading

Magic May – Harry Potter

Fifteen years ago in June 1997, the first in the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) was released.  Followed by another six books over the years, J.K. Rowling and her boy wizard changed the face of children’s/young adult literature.  Since Harry there have been other reading fads (e.g.Twilight, and now Hunger Games) … Continue reading

Tag Galaxy

Another way into a topic (particularly modern day) is through tag galaxy . It is a way students can get a visual impression of a topic.  I would give students a starting tag or two get them to see how the search reduces and then describe what they think the  topic is about based on … Continue reading

Australian April or Magic May?

Michael Pryor – Blaze of Glory The dilemma for me for this book is do I put it in Australian April or Magic May? As we are at the end of the month and start of May I return to the question from the start of April-  how do you define a book as being Australian? … Continue reading

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