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Justice July – The Betrayal of Maggie Blair

Elizabeth Laird – The betrayal of Maggie Blair  A different kind of injustice is addressed in this book.  This is a novel set in the late 1600s in Scotland.   It is a time of conflict between the Church (the Presbyterians) and the State (King Charles II, when religion was all about good and evil, being … Continue reading

Justice July – The Help

Katherine Stockett  The Help “This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird …If you read only one book…let this be it.” With the front cover having such a glowing reference who could resist! So to another justice issue  – that of civil rights in the southern states … Continue reading

Justice July – Refugees (continued)

The last blog referred to a number of picture books of them Home and Away is my favourite, and it seems to resonate the most with students. Perhaps because it doesn’t have the “otherness” that elicits the shallow response from students (like it couldn’t happen to me, it doesn’t happen in Australia, that is not … Continue reading

Justice July – Refugees

Deborah Ellis is a fitting author for Justice July.  Over the years I have read many of her books with the latest being the recently published The Best day of My Life.  Whilst I have tagged this specific blog with refugee (because of her Breadwinner /Parvana  series), this book is not about refugees but another … Continue reading

Justice July – Three Cups of Tea

A change of pace from Joking June to  Justice July, books about standing up for your rights and those written to raise awareness about important social issues.  This month is going to be wide ranging – Firstly, Three Cups of Tea about one man’s work to provide education in Pakistan and Afghanistan Then, refugee fiction … Continue reading

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