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January – My holiday reading

I have had the luxury of a lot of reading time these holidays, looking at my list below it appears that I have gone on a mystery bent….  (Check out Phyrne’s website!) I have loved watching the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on ABC and Fox’s 13th Street and have since started reading Kerry Greenwood’s Miss … Continue reading

Autism Awareness April – Beverly Brenna – Waiting for no one

This novel’s blurb compares it to Curious and there are many similarities. Like Christopher in Curious the main character (Taylor) is writing a novel, she has parents who have also split up and can’t cope and she has a pet gerbil that is her comfort. Perhaps Taylor has a greater awareness of her condition. She … Continue reading

Mystery March – Picture Books and other for younger children

I have been thinking about Mystery March and kids picture books etc.  How the  descriptions they include  add to the mystery/plot. So I started a list of possibilities –  I have compiled them from various recommendations. Graeme Base – Enigma Scotton – Secret Agent Splat Rod Clement – Grandad’s teeth Duncan Ball – Emily Eyefinger series Scooby Doo … Continue reading

Ned Kelly November – Game as Ned

When I looked for Ned Kelly books in my school library the database came up with Tim Pegler’s  Game as Ned. Whilst not a book about Ned Kelly, Pegler takes parts of Ned’s story (and other bushrangers) and parallels them with the story of an autistic teenage boy called Ned and a 16 year old … Continue reading

Year 7 Ancient China

See on – Ancient China for Year 7 This research guide is under construction but provides a wide range of resource ideas for teaching Ancient China to Year 7. See on lessons on Japan

See on – Year 8 Shogunate Japan Looks useful as it has links to lessons on Shogunate Jpan, the Tokugawa Shogunate etc See on

Magic May – Harry Potter

Fifteen years ago in June 1997, the first in the Harry Potter series (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone) was released.  Followed by another six books over the years, J.K. Rowling and her boy wizard changed the face of children’s/young adult literature.  Since Harry there have been other reading fads (e.g.Twilight, and now Hunger Games) … Continue reading

Welcome to book genre monthly

Welcome to my first real blog. As a new teacher librarian but old English/History teacher I am missing the structures imposed by having my own class and a set curriculum.  So this is my new structure!  My blog has two purposes 1. To record and promote books suitable for young adults and adolescents 2. To impose a … Continue reading

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