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Action and Adventure August -Brian Falkner Brainjack

I chose to read this book as part of Action and Adventure August but it is a really good link to Speculative September.  NZ author Brian Falkner has written a thought provoking and action packed story about what might happen if we let computers/the internet link to our brains.  He also makes a comment on … Continue reading

Action and Adventure August – Eoin Colfer – Artemis Fowl and the last guardian

I have loved the Artemis Fowl stories since discovering them back in 2001/2.  This last in the series of eight doesn’t disappoint.  There is plenty of action and adventure and  laugh out loud moments from the exploits of combining a teenage genius (Artemis) with an elf (Holly Short),  centaur (Foaly), a farting dwarf (Mulch), a … Continue reading

Good site for primary teachers

As a secondary trained History teacher I have been wondering about how much “method” primary teachers have when it comes to implementing the Australian Curriculum.  In my web scouring for resources, I found that the UK Historical Association has a section for primary teachers,  with plenty of practical ideas.  Pity the content is focussed on … Continue reading

Action and Adventure August – James Patterson – The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride 1)

My knowledge of Maximum Ride came from students begging to be first in line when new books of the series were released (I think there are now 8).  So, I expected it to be good because normally I like what they like.  How wrong I was!  This book was so disappointing, the characters were not … Continue reading

Action and Adventure August – Charlie Higson – Silver Fin (Young Bond 1)

This was everything I hoped and more!  More believable than the teen action hero of Alex Rider (Horowitz) and less arrogant than James in the Cherub series (Muchamore), the young James Bond is a likeable character because he develops his courage and tenacity as the story progresses. Yet, he is still recognisable as the Bond … Continue reading

Action and Adventure August – Ally Carter – I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you (Gallagher Girls 1)

This was a somewhat disappointing start for action and adventure August.  The ideas were good but the story line weak.  I liked the setting of  an academy for young girls to become spies and the overtones of girl power/girls can do anything but the having the main character falling for a “regular guy”  was a … Continue reading

Action and Adventure August – Vanished/1-800-Where -R-U

I can’t believe it is the first of the month again and time for a new genre – Action and Adventure August.  Almost every book I read has some aspects of action and/or adventure but I have decided to restrict my reading this month to books with human/humanlike characters, present day scenarios and not to … Continue reading

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