I am a secondary English/History teacher (BA DipEd, MA (Education) and a Teacher Librarian (MEd). I LOVE to research and through this site aim to -Support the introduction of the Australian Curriculum (especially in History) through sourcing quality and varied internet based sources (research guides) - Support teachers through conducting education based literature reviews - Provide suggestions on useful Web 2.0 tools - Offer other services such as curriculum writing, library collection assessment, novel recommendations (see my blog
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Geography – Megacities

The following could support – Place and Liveability (Year 7) or Changing Nations (Year 8) or be used as an introduction/basic outline of information for VCE/HSC Geography. The information is of varying difficulties. Can I suggest you convert this into a format that suits your use and the year level of the students. For younger … Continue reading

May – Ruth Eastham – The Messenger Bird

A different approach to the WW2 era. Nathan and his family have moved into a house his family inherited from his Great Aunt (who lived there during WW2). In the house are clues to a mystery involving the Enigma Code. When Nathan’s Dad gets arrested for breaking the Official Secrets Act, it is up to … Continue reading

May – Belinda Murrell – The Sequin Star

I really enjoyed this time slip novel. The main character, Claire goes back in time to 1932. As a history teacher who grew up in Sydney, the story resonates with me. The opening of the harbour bridge, the locations around Sydney and the “making do” of many during the Great Depression are things I have … Continue reading

April – ICT Dystopians – Eggers, Malley, Doctorow

I decided to put these three together in one post as there seems to be considerable overlap with the themes. I am also reminded of Brainjack which I blogged about a while ago.   Dave Eggers – The Circle   I discovered this book late last year when I read the first few chapters on some … Continue reading

March – James Phelan – The last thirteen

I really enjoyed James Phelan’s – Survivor/Alone series and when this was recommended to me by a Year 7 student looked out for it.  The first of 13 books (sigh), the story focuses on a group of teenagers who have “true dreams” and the idea that they have harness control of their dream “visions” to … Continue reading

Phillip Gwynne – The Debt Series

I am up to the last in this series and whilst I have found it reminiscent of the Conspiracy 365 series have enjoyed it more – there is less repetition in the action and the idea of a new task to repay the family debt (or lose a pound of flesh) gives each story a … Continue reading

March – Catherine Jinks – A very peculiar plague (Book 2 City of Orphans series).

Having read Book 1 – A very unusual pursuit but being somewhat ambivalent about it (6 months on), I decided to re-acquaint myself with Jem, Birdie and Alfred Bunce as they seek to clear London of child eating monsters (bogles). A mix of fantasy, mystery and action – A very peculiar plague, seemed to provide … Continue reading

February – Robert Muchamore – Black Friday (Cherub Series 2 – number 3)

This cherub is the third in the second series (about Ryan Sharma) and finally seems to match the action and engagement of the first series (about James) that made books like Brigand’s MC hard to put down.  Black Friday continues the story surrounding the Amarov clan but makes use of a good variety of locations … Continue reading

February – Veronica Roth – Divergent

Is Divergent the next Hunger Games or Harry Potter?  It would seem so with a soon to be released movie and a waiting list for the series in my school library and local library.  Is it worthy?  Certainly, as a first of a series (there are three) it is far less tedious than The Hunger … Continue reading

January – My holiday reading

I have had the luxury of a lot of reading time these holidays, looking at my list below it appears that I have gone on a mystery bent….  (Check out Phyrne’s website!) I have loved watching the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on ABC and Fox’s 13th Street and have since started reading Kerry Greenwood’s Miss … Continue reading

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