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Old Times October – A Waltz for Matilda

Jackie French is one of the most prolific Australian YA/Children’s author’s writing historical fiction and some of her work has already been mentioned in Anzac/Australian April.  Recently, I was doing a research guide and curriculum writing on steps to Federation and I came across A Waltz for Matilda.  In this novel, we follow the story … Continue reading

Old Times October – Catherine, called Birdy

Catherine, called Birdy (1994) by Karen Cushman would be a good introduction to historical fiction for young teen girls.  It is set in medieval times and is written in diary form (and similar to many realistic fiction novels) with the secretive overtones and pact between narrator and reader being highly developed.  The reader feels every … Continue reading

Old Times October What makes good historical fiction?

Below is a list of desirable characteristics for historical fiction and it is worth noting that the elements of believability and universal themes and emotions overlap with realistic fiction.  Good historical fiction must (Barone, 2010, p. 68; Nilsen and Donelson, 2009, p. 244;  Gamble and Yates, 2008, p. 138) be accurate, faithfully recreate minds and … Continue reading

Speculative September James Roy – Ichabod Hart & the Lighthouse Mystery

This fits into the steampunk part of speculative fiction (mix of history and fantasy). It poses various what if scenarios: What if the French settled (invaded)Australia at the same time as the English? What if convicts could be made to work even harder? This is a mystery/fantasy that is mixed up with the steam era (hence steampunk) where a … Continue reading

Justice July – The Betrayal of Maggie Blair

Elizabeth Laird – The betrayal of Maggie Blair  A different kind of injustice is addressed in this book.  This is a novel set in the late 1600s in Scotland.   It is a time of conflict between the Church (the Presbyterians) and the State (King Charles II, when religion was all about good and evil, being … Continue reading

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